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What do you mean by webdesign with a purpose?

Life is inspiring, life actors are inspiring and we work with projescts that inspire, elevate and develop society. Yoga, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Comunication are some exemplos of projects that inspire us.


Our mission is to create inspiring websites, as the people and their histories we have come along our life, and this is done by applying purely the natural essence of the business to build a message to be spread through the website.


The message is shared in a simple, clear and attractive way. We seek that "Wow" from our visitors.




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Easy and Intuitive


High and Reliable


in less than 2 months

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Revista Vegane

Vegan Magazine - Brazil

Tara Ji
Yin Yoga Courses - Australia

Central da Ciência

Scientific publishing - Brazil

Raquel de Queiroz Joias

Jewellery - Brazil

Espaço Caminho do Meio

Psicanalysis - Brazil


Music Festival - Brazil


Translation and Interpretation - Brazil

Ser Pleno Sempre

Mindfulness Courses - Brazil

The Yoga School

Yoga Courses - Índia


Yoga Studio - China/Índia

Comunika Nutri
Nutrition and Communication - Brazil

Tatti Maeda Digital Motion

Digital Marketing - Brazil

Soul Flow - Caio Reis

Mindfulness, Coaching e Alchemy - Brazil

Orchestra do Silêncio - Kalim Zappa

Mindfulness and lifestyle - Brazil

Yoga na Trilha

Yoga Classes, Hiking and store - Brazil

How can a website help you?

We prepared a rich material full of information so you can understand even more the role of a website on your life.

How does it work the process of designing a website?

Images, colors, shapes, texts, layout and typography… Uncountable techniques and will you stay out there lost? Learn how to plan the design of your website.

About Renato Coneglian

I was born in Catanduva, São Paulo state of Brazil and since teenage years I’ve been interested on the first website developments, from the 90’ies, time where there was no Google, YouTube, or any known tool for knowledge sharing over the internet. At the age of 22 I moved to São Paulo after getting my certificate in Information System through University of São Paulo. I’ve always worked as a webdesigner but not as my main focus. After 5 years dedicated working to IT Auditing and consulting in a multinational company, I decided that webdesign was my true passion.

Since the beginning of 2017 I’ve been totally dedicated to the art of creation, development and websites publishing. Today I put together two things: work as a web designer and a being a digital nomad. But what do you mean by “Digital Nomad”? As the whole process of creation, development of a website does not require personal meeting, I started to travel and find projects around the world. I’m really interested with projects related to health, volunteering, yoga, communication, communication and well being.

In case you enjoyed my history and want me to be part of yours, get in touch! It will be a pleasure to hear about your project and create a new friendship and connection!


"Impossible to give less than 5 for those who dedicate body, soul and heart in the creation of your website: your digital home! I gave (and I give work) to Re and I know how much he is truly dedicated and attuned to what is most innovative!"

Tatti Maeda

"Renato Coneglian is a great guy. He is a master at web design. He designed my website and is simply perfect. He is helping a lot, he always has the best suggestions for you. I always had many questions but he never got angry. He's so cool and humble, I totally recommend him! "

Sunil Bisht

"Work of excellence! Very professional and creative. A keen eye to convey the message through art and with efficiency. I recommend!"

Kalim Zappa

"High level of professionalism added to the sensitivity of those who understand a higher purpose. This is Renato Coneglian."

Caio Reis

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